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It is important to inspect and carry out PAT Testing on used electrical appliances prior to offering them for resale. In addition to this there are other precautions that need to be taken. For answers to the following questions, watch this short video and then contact First Stop Safety to get you started.

Is it an appropriate appliance for resale?

Is the appliance in a reasonable state for resale?

Does the appliance have a rating plate?

Does the label have suitable approval markings?

Do the Live and Neutral pins on the plug have insulation?

Does the appliance protect the user from electric shock?

Are there clear instructions on how to wire the plug?

Does the appliance work?

Is the appliance dangerous if used incorrectly?

PAT Testing course for resellers of used electrical appliances
Logbook for resellers of used electical items
Reselling Used Electrical Items

Reselling Used Electrical Items

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