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There are many different makes and models of PAT Testers available for sale. It is important to be aware of the features of these different testers and understand what the advantages and disadvantages of these are. Here, we look at some popular models in detail.


PAT Testers can be classified as follows for ease of comparison.




These testers carry out the PAT Testing and simply display PASS or FAIL by checking the test results automatically against internally set thresholds. These types of testers can be used by someone who doesn’t have electrical qualifications. Examples of this type of tester are the BattPAT from First Stop Safety and the Primetest 50 from Seaward.

BattPAT Demo Video

BattPAT Demo Video

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PAT Testers with PASS FAIL and display of results

These testers combine the display of the results of PAT Testing as well as showing whether the appliance has passed or failed the test. This type of tester is ideal for the beginner as well as the more experienced user.


The MemoryPAT from First Stop Safety, KT71 from Kewtech, the HandyPAT 600 from Martindale, the SwiftPAT from Metrel and the Primetest 100 from Seaward are all examples of this type of tester.